Cognitive Screening with Cognivue

Cognitive health and dementia are the greatest global health challenges facing us in the 21st century. That point is underscored throughout the Lancet Commission which was published in 2017. And as many hearing healthcare providers will tell you, research shows even a mild hearing loss can increase your risk for dementia and cognitive decline. You might have heard that this is an important finding and one of the reasons that you should try hearing aids as soon as you begin to notice hearing problems. But when was the last time your audiologist actually provided a cognitive health screening for you? And gave evidence-based recommendations on how you could improve your lifestyle to reduce your risk of dementia?

Your overall health is important to us, and that includes your cognitive health. That’s why we do more than just talk about it. Enter Cognivue: a quick, easy, reliable screener for cognitive health and dementia.

What Does Hearing Have To Do With Cognition?

Your brain is a processing machine. It wants stimulation from sound, just as it craves input from all your senses. And the amount of stimulation it receives can change your brain in significant and lasting ways. In fact, research has shown that depriving the brain of sound can lead to a reorganization of the parts of the brain that process sound. Studies from as early as 1989 show that hearing loss is associated with dementia, and more recently, that even a mild hearing loss is associated with a 30-40% accelerated rate of cognitive decline. Some research has also shown that hearing aid use can help mitigate the impact of hearing loss on cognitive decline. So knowing whether you are at risk for cognitive decline, or whether you are experiencing some symptoms already, helps us tailor our recommendations for you based on more than just the hearing test results.

What is Cognivue?Cognivue logo

We are not neurologists, so we need a standard tool to help us screen for dementia. Cognivue is a screening tool that checks several aspects of cognition, including memory, executive function, reaction time, and processing speed. It works using a simple pinwheel tool and provides scores that are independent of your hearing ability. Your screening is done in 5 minutes and you get a report to bring to your doctor. Your report gives you a score for each of the aspects of cognition that are checked by Cognivue. But beyond just letting you know whether there is an issue, the report also includes recommendations for lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of dementia.

Cognitive screeningThe Cognivue screening works using a simple pinwheel tool to select different items on the screen. Those items are gradually degraded as the device adapts to your responses. You might be asked to find a certain shape or a word on the screen, or remember a word in a sequence, for example. You don’t have to complete a questionnaire or type any information – just highlight the answers using the pinwheel.

Is Cognivue Covered by Insurance?

Unfortunately, your Cognivue screening is not covered by insurance. However, the cost for the screening is only $45, and we sometimes have discounts available (contact us for details).