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The Free Hearing Test (And Why We Don’t Do It)

The Free Hearing Test (And Why We Don't Do It) A lot of hearing care professionals offer free hearing tests to new patients. It's an appealing offer - why pay for something you can get for free? But, as the old saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. And...

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Accessibility with Apple

Accessibility with Apple Apple is stepping up its game with accessibility features for people with disabilities. As their new video shows, Apple products can help people in a variety of ways. Including, but not limited to, hearing aid compatibility. ReSound's LiNX2...

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Hearing the TV with HyperSound

A Great New Solution for Hearing the TV There are certain hearing difficulties that we as audiologists have become accustomed to hearing from our patients: it sounds like everyone is mumbling; I can't understand in noisy environments; I can't hear on the telephone;...

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One of the most common inside jokes of audiology is that people don't really know what it is. When we identify ourselves as audiologists people say "what?" because they either don't know what an audiologist is, or because they're joking that they couldn't hear us. It...

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Unbundle Your Hearing Aids

When people buy hearing aids, they usually don't know exactly what they're looking for. How is hearing aid cost determined, and what is the average cost of hearing aids? What should I get with my purchase? How long do they last? What brand is best for me? Unbundling...

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Service Matters!

Hearing aids are a blind purchase for many patients. They've never purchased hearing aids before, and so they might not know what to ask about other than price and the amount of benefit they can expect to get from them. This makes it very difficult to sort through the...

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