Other Services for Adults

Link Audiology is more than just a provider of hearing diagnostics and hearing aids. We offer a variety of other services for adults as well. If you don’t see the services you’re looking for below, call us and ask! We’re always looking to provide more options for our patients!

Hearing Protection

We offer a variety of hearing protection options to suit your individual needs. We carry instant-fit options, like high-fidelity musician’s earplugs from Etymotic Research and floating silicone swim plugs. We also offer custom made options for those seeking more comfortable and consistent protection. Both passive filters and digital options are available.

Industrial and Hunter Earplugs

Custom Swim Plugs

Custom Musician Earplugs

High-Fidelity Listening Devices

Custom In-Ear Monitors

Custom Earbud Couplers

Custom made in-ear monitors provide high-fidelity listening that sounds amazing to even the pickiest listeners. Choose from systems with up to five balanced armature drivers and frequency responses extending up to 20kHz. Available in a variety of colors with stylish faceplate designs and custom engraving options. If you’re looking for the comfort of a custom fit but operating on a budget, check out our custom earbud couplers that can connect to your current earphones.

Battery Club and Service Plans

We can take care of your hearing aids and refill your battery supply even if you didn’t get your hearing aids from us. Get batteries mailed to you or pick them up in our office with our battery club. Care plans include replacement parts and in-office services too.