Other Pediatric Services

Pediatric services


For school age children, listening environments become more complex, the content is more demanding, and collaboration among other professionals like teachers and educational audiologists is required. At this point, an Interventional Education Plan (IEP) is developed and implemented. The IEP is a continually developing plan that, like Early Intervention, is a collaborative process. Everyone involved in the IEP will continually assess how the child is doing in school and adjust the plan accordingly. An IEP might include things like preferential seating, use of visual cues and preprinted materials, extended test time, and speech therapy. The intervention plan may also focus on teaching skills like self-awareness and advocacy, to understand when communication difficulties exist and how to overcome those obstacles. At a parent or guardian’s request, our Audiologists are happy to work with anyone on your child’s team.

Hearing Protection and Swim Plugs

We also offer other pediatric services like instant-fit or custom-fit earplugs to keep water out of your child’s ears while swimming, hearing protection for young musicians, and volume-limiting earphones to keep your child from listening to music at damaging levels.

Aural Rehabilitation

What is aural rehabilitation and who may benefit from it? Aural rehabilitation is a program that helps you better use the sound that you hear. This is an important component when treating hearing loss, especially for those that have gone untreated for a long time. After having hearing loss for a while, the brain forgets how to correctly use the sounds that were lost. When those sounds are restored through amplification, you may have difficulty adjusting because the brain doesn’t know what to do with those sounds anymore. There are a variety of aural rehabilitation techniques, including computer programs (LACE, Fast ForWord), games, group sessions, and more. We select from these various techniques and adjust them for each patient, to create an individualized aural rehabilitation program that suits each patient’s needs.