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Link Audiology: Hearing Care for the Entire Family!

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We aim to keep you connected with the people who matter most to you. And we believe your audiologist should have as many options available to you as possible. That’s why we offer comprehensive hearing care for all ages – newborns, kids, and adults – using advanced testing, state-of-the-art technology and the latest research. As the premier full-service audiology practice in Silverdale, we are committed to building strong relationships and providing the best options for your hearing healthcare. That includes hearing aids, cochlear implants, and osseointegrated devices from all major manufacturers.

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Who Needs to Hear?

There are many signs and symptoms of hearing loss. You might find yourself saying “what” a lot (or others might say you do), or having ringing in your ears. Your TV might be too loud for your family and neighbors. You could find yourself responding the wrong way when people talk to you. These potentially embarrassing situations illustrate the importance of our ability to hear.

Everyone needs to communicate, whether that’s verbally (listening and speaking) or visually (sign language, cued speech). And your ability to hear plays a key role in that. It connects you to the environments and the people around you. In fact, we know from recent research that your hearing helps with all sorts of things. That’s why people with hearing loss are more likely to develop dementia, more likely to fall, and prone to depression and anxiety. And it’s also why you need to see an audiologist who has every tool available to help you hear better.

The One-Stop Audiologist for All Your Hearing Care Needs!

Hearing Health Seminar imageWe’re not just another audiology clinic. We have the widest variety of devices available from most major manufacturers. And we’re the first and most experienced cochlear implant audiologist in Kitsap County. Are hearing aids no longer helping you as much as they should? Cochlear implants have been available for over 30 years, and the technology keeps getting better (see what the FDA has to say about them)!

We can tell you whether cochlear implants or bone-anchored hearing aids might be the right option for you. If you decide to get an implant, we’ll get you in touch with a surgeon. Once your surgery is done, we do the activation and follow-ups right here in Silverdale. Do you already have an implant and need it programmed or serviced? Our audiologist can help you with that too!

We also carry nonsurgical options for bone-conduction devices, like Cochlear BAHA SoundArc and Med-El ADHEAR. Depending on your insurance, you might be able to get one of these nonsurgical options covered.

Hearing Aid Service and Repair

We like helping patients with their current hearing aids whenever possible. That’s why we have relationships with most major manufacturers and carry stock of receivers, tubing, domes, and wax guards from each of them. Call or stop by to get your devices cleaned and have parts replaced. Each cleaning includes dehumidifying with our vacuum chamber to eliminate damaging moisture. Drop-off and curbside cleaning or parts replacement is also available. If you need to drop off after hours, we have a drop box next to our front door.

Honest, Open, and Transparent

We believe in honesty and transparency, and we developed our pricing with that belief in mind. Since Link Audiology opened in 2015 we have used unbundled pricing instead of a percent markup on our hearing aids. You receive an itemized list of every service that your audiologist performs, to make sure that no one pays for services they don’t use. We have the widest range of products from every major manufacturer to meet all your hearing needs. And you can even try before you buy, with free 1-month hearing aid demos!

Hearing Aid Supplies, Earplugs, and Assistive Devices

Do you need some hearing aid batteries, earplugs, or a TV headset? Shop online with help from your local hearing healthcare professionals and ensure that you’re getting the right product at the right price. Hearing Aid Supply Link is our partner site to deliver your hearing aid supplies and other hearing healthcare products straight to your door.

Come see how we can help you and your family today!

Our Doctors of Audiology offer the most hearing care services in Kitsap County! We use age-appropriate tests for children and adults. And we work with implanted devices and all major hearing aid manufacturers. Our services are designed using the latest research and guidelines from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and the American Academy of Audiology.
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Insurance Accepted

We work with most major insurance companies to get your hearing health needs covered. Aside from commercial insurance, we also accept Washington State Labor and Industries and Federal Workers’ Comp (OWCP). We do provide letters of medical necessity (LMNs) and help you obtain prior authorization if needed. And if we don’t currently work with your insurance, we are happy to accept assignment out-of-network. Just check with our office staff before your appointment.

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