Accessibility with Apple

Apple is stepping up its game with accessibility features for people with disabilities. As their new video shows, Apple products can help people in a variety of ways. Including, but not limited to, hearing aid compatibility. ReSound’s LiNX2 hearing aids offer the ability to connect directly to your iPhone without the need for accessories. And they’re available for purchase at a variety of technology levels at Link Audiology.

What are the benefits of these features for hearing aids? Direct connection to your iPhone means you can change the volume and programs with an app instead of carrying around a bulky accessory. You can also hear your calls streaming directly to your hearing aids, for better call sound quality. Some other premium features will even mark the last location your hearing aids connected to the iPhone on your GPS, so you can return to that spot if the hearing aids are lost or stolen. All of which translates to a more convenient, seamless experience.

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