Hearing Aid Services at Link Audiology

You want to make sure that only the most experienced professionals are servicing your hearing aids. Which only makes sense. After all, a tool is only as good as the mechanic who’s using it. Our hearing aid services are provided by expert audiologists and their specially-trained staff. So your hearing aids work the way they’re supposed to. And you can hear the best you can.

Hearing Aid Verification

We verify that your hearing aids are doing what they’re supposed to. We do this with two types of tests: electroacoustic analysis (a quality control test), and real ear verification. These tests are really the gold standard when providing hearing aid services for patients. They provide real, objective data about how your hearing aids are functioning. The electroacoustic analysis shows us whether your hearing aids are up to manufacturer specifications, like maximum output and frequency range. Real ear verification measures the sound you’re actually getting down at your ear drum, to see whether your hearing aids are set to target.

Services On The Go

Do you need some changes to your settings but can’t get in to the office? We might be able to program your hearing aids remotely. Many modern Bluetooth of MFi hearing aids can be programmed remotely through your smart phone connection. We can make changes during a live video programming session, or upload new settings to you at your convenience.

We also have curbside or drop-and-go hearing aid services. Just call us when you arrive for your appointment and we’ll come out and get your hearing aids. Or put them in an envelope and drop them in the locked box at our front door. We’ll take care of everything and call you when they’re ready.

Ship From Home

Do you need your hearing aids repaired under warranty? We can email shipping and repair documents to you, so you can ship them from home straight to the manufacturer for repair.