Hearing Aid Supplies Online

We have officially launched our new online store for hearing aid supplies! Hearing Aid Supply Link is your one-stop shop for hearing aid batteries, earplugs, assistive listening devices, and other related products. You might ask: Why launch an online store for supplies that we already have available to purchase in-person at Link Audiology? Simple. This online store is designed so that many items are shipped directly from our supplier (with free shipping for you!) whenever you place an order. So you get lower prices because we don’t have to order and monitor stock in our office. And we can do that without compromising the selection available to you.

What’s Offered at the New e-Store?

You can find batteries of any size, battery testers, dryers, and cleaning tools on the e-store right now. Wax guards, domes, and other parts will be added as they become available. If you’d like information about new offerings as they are announced, there is an option to sign up and receive newsletters from Hearing Aid Supply Link when you create an account. You can also see coupons and special offers in the newsletter, like the “15% off batteries” coupon that is currently automatically applied at checkout when you order 2 or more cartons of batteries.

Other items available at the e-store (not hearing aid-related) include earplugs for listening to music, swimming, and flying, as well as assistive listening devices to help you hear the TV better.

Want to Request Other Hearing Aid Supplies?

Are you still looking for something that isn’t available on the e-store yet? Just email info@hearingaidsupplylink.com with your request and we’ll work on adding it as soon as possible.