Activities for Seniors

It’s important for everyone to keep active, as many studies have shown physical and mental activity is vital for brain health. But it’s become harder than ever during the Covid pandemic for everyone to keep active. Especially for those in assisted living facilities, as visitors have been restricted and activities for seniors have become limited. So what can you do to remain active without potentially exposing yourself to the coronavirus? We have some suggestions!

Distance Visit with Family

Just because we can’t physically reach other people safely during this time doesn’t mean we can’t interact. And social activities for seniors are just as important as any other activities, as they engage language and emotion. So think about ways you can interact with family and friends while remaining safe. Have a visit with friends or family over one of the many video call platforms – Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook. If you’re uncomfortable with these newer video chat options, or “smart” devices in general, there are several video call options that are designed specifically for ease-of-use.

Are you looking for something more interactive? There are tons of online games available to play with family and friends. Games like Heads Up, Among Us, Words With Friends, Boggle With Friends, and Ticket To Ride offer fun ways to play together without being together. There are also digital app versions of favorites like Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune.

Whether you’re joining a video call with your family or challenging them in a video game, you’ll want to hear what’s going on. Most modern hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible to optimize your listening experience. And if they don’t pair directly to your devices, they usually have an option to get around that, like a TV streamer or remote microphone.

Solo Games

It’s not always easy to coordinate a time when everyone can log in to join a game. And it’s hard to get to the store to find activities for seniors right now. But there are also plenty of other games and activities accessible online for solo play. AARP has a great webpage with free games, including solitaire, mahjong, word jumbles, arcade games, and some premium entries for AARP members. Are jigsaw puzzles more your speed? has a variety of free puzzles available, with new ones added daily, on an easy drag-and-drop site.