Hearing Aids: Manufacturers

We offer a variety of hearing aids from many manufacturers, ensuring you receive the best product for your needs. Many systems are compatible with today’s technology (Bluetooth, iPhone, etc.) or other devices like cochlear implants. Every hearing aid goes through a rigorous quality control and is fit specifically for you using real-ear verification. Our hearing aids are also unbundled for honest and transparent prices. Please visit our FAQ page for additional information.



Hearing Aids: Styles

In the Ear Style

These hearing aids vary in size based on your level of hearing loss, your listening needs, and the physical build of your ear. Typically, these custom hearing aids fall into the following categories:

Invisible In Canal hearing aids
Invisible in the Canal (IIC) These hearing aids are designed to fit deep in the ear canal and sit very close to the eardrum. With this placement, they are practically invisible while worn.
Completely In the Canal (CIC) The CIC is also nearly invisible. This is an excellent choice for those who want the cosmetic appeal of an IIC but may be limited due to the shape or size of the ear canal.
Completely In Canal hearing aids
Mic In Helix hearing aids
Microphone in Helix (MIH) These hearing aids sit in the ear canal but separate the microphone by placing it discretely in the fold of the outer ear just above the ear canal.
In the Canal (ITC) The slightly larger ITC can include additional features and provide more volume than is available in smaller devices.
In The Canal hearing aids
Full Shell In The Ear hearing aids
In the Ear (ITE) The largest ITE, also called a Full Shell, is an easy to use and comfortable aid that can provide additional features and longer battery life than smaller options. It’s also easier to handle for those with arthritis or other dexterity issues.

Behind the Ear Styles

Versatile in both form and function, the Behind-the-Ear style hearing aid has evolved a lot over the years! These aids sit behind the ear and provide sound through a tube or wire that couples to the ear with a tip or custom earmold. Appropriate for a wide range of hearing levels, and offering a variety of technology features, accessories, and cosmetic options, this type of hearing aid can allow the user to be as discrete or as bold as desired.

Receiver In Canal hearing aids
Receiver in the Canal/Ear (RIC/RITE) The RIC provides a lot of options in a small package, which is one of the reasons it’s so popular. The speaker sits in the ear canal and connects to the rest of the hearing aid via a thin, nearly invisible wire. Because the speaker is interchangeable, the RIC can be adapted for a wide range of hearing losses.
Mini Behind the Ear (mini BTE with Slim Tube) The mini BTE is another discrete option and is similar in appearance to the RIC. With the mini BTE, the speaker is in the hearing aid and the sound is routed through a small tube to a comfortable tip in the ear canal.
Mini Behind The Ear hearing aids
Behind The Ear hearing aids
Behind the Ear (BTE with Earmold and Tube) Because it is slightly larger, the standard BTE with custom earmold and tubing works well with a wide range of hearing levels. It often offers considerable flexibility with regard to additional features and cosmetic choices. And the earmolds can be customized for comfort, aesthetics, and acoustics!

Other Features

We have a variety of hearing aid features to fit your needs. You can get them with rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth connectivity, and extended warranty options to name a few. If you don’t see it here, just ask!

Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids

We also have an over-the-counter (OTC) option available. The OTC is a new category that was recently created by the FDA. If you have a mild to moderate hearing loss and feel like you only want to use hearing aids in specific situations, these might be a good option for you. OTC hearing aids are set up by you at home through your iPhone connection and not adjusted through our computer software, giving you maximum control over the sounds that you hear. We can also help you set them up in our office if desired.