Why Use Redux?

Redux is the industry leader in removing one of the most common causes of hearing aid malfunction: moisture. Their advanced electronic dehumidifier has already been used by cell phone companies to bring wet phones back from the dead. And hearing aid manufacturers have followed suit, encouraging clinics like ours to use Redux. They’ve found through internal studies that it can reduce the number of hearing aids that need to be sent out for repair. Manufacturers like this because it reduces their costs. We like this because it reduces our time spent shipping and tracking repair orders, and your time waiting for your hearing aids to be repaired. You can see, within just a few minutes, how much moisture is removed from your hearing aids. Then get back to listening like usual.

How Does It Work?

Redux uses gentle warming inside of a vacuum chamber. Combining warming with the vacuum allows the device to remove more moisture than the vacuum chamber alone. But beyond just removing the moisture, the device also tracks how much it removes. So you can actually see that the treatment was effective.

Redux – Our New Standard

We’ve had such success with the Redux hearing aid dryer that we’ve made it a standard at Link. When you bring your hearing aid for cleaning, we’ll run it in the Redux dryer at no extra charge. And we’ll tell you how much moisture was removed. You can then see how often you might need to return for cleanings and Redux treatments. Anything more than 1 uL can cause a hearing aid to malfunction. So you’ll want to return more frequently if more than that is removed from your hearing aid. But if it’s been 3 months since your last cleaning and less moisture than usual has been removed, maybe you only need to come in once every 6 months.