Hearing aids are a blind purchase for many patients. They’ve never purchased hearing aids before, and so they might not know what to ask about other than price and the amount of benefit they can expect to get from them. This makes it very difficult to sort through the sales pitches and find the substance. But it’s not impossible. Just keep in mind that there are other things to think about besides price… like service (yes, service matters!).

Many hearing aids sales pitches focus on the products. They say things like “These are the best hearing aids on the market!” or “These hearing aids just sound better than our competitors’.” Some might even disguise their hearing aids using a private label, so you can’t tell that they’re the same hearing aids offered by a competitor. But the truth is that most places offer the same hearing aids from the same manufacturers. The big difference is really the professional who is completing your hearing test, assessing your needs, and ordering, fitting, and maintaining your hearing aids. In short, it’s not the tool that makes the difference – it’s the mechanic!

The reason is simple. Hearing aid manufacturers make amazing products, but they aren’t usually around when the hearing aids go on your ears. They rely on us – the audiologists – to perform a thorough assessment, order the correct product, and properly fit and maintain the hearing aids. They’ve set us up to succeed by offering great products for our patients, knowing that ultimately service is what matters the most for patient satisfaction.

But this also depends on your definition of “service.” After all, we’re not the first audiologists to claim to offer exceptional service. But is it individual attention? Is it attention to detail? Is it accuracy, or thoroughness, or the amount of time spent with each patient? We believe that exceptional service is providing all of those benefits in a smart, streamlined way by getting things right the first time. Every time. That’s why we put every hearing aid we buy in a test box and verify that it meets manufacturer specifications. It’s why we use microphones to measure the output of every hearing aid we put on a patient’s ear and match them to the prescribed targets. And it’s why we back it all up with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

So come see the service at Link Audiology and experience the difference it makes!