Remote Hearing Aid Service and Programming

Do you need your hearing aids adjusted, but can’t get to our office for an in-person appointment? No problem! Link Audiology currently provides remote hearing aid service and programming with several manufacturers. And we’re continuing to expand that service with Oticon RemoteCare today (apps available for iPhone and Android)!

Remote hearing aid programming is deal for patients who live far from our office, and also help us all follow social distancing recommendations. All you need is a set of compatible hearing aids and a connected smart phone. Your remote programming is done through your smart phone connection. It can be a live session or on-demand depending on which hearing aids you have.

In addition to Oticon RemoteCare, we also offer remote hearing aid service and programming from the following manufacturers:

  • ReSound: service is available though the Assist feature on your smart phone app.
  • Signia: service is available through the TeleCare feature on your smart phone app.

Remote services may need to be activated on your hearing aids in-person before you can access them. Email us at with any questions about whether your hearing aids are compatible or if you would like to schedule a remote care appointment.